Cultural Competency in the News

02/20/2013 Boston Business Journal Diversity & Inclusion in Boston: Local Physicians focus on culture of care
Featuring Quality Interactions' Co-Founders: Dr. Joseph Betancourt and Dr. Alexander Green.
11/15/2012 The barrier between doctors and non-English speaking patients can be greater than language alone
9/10/2012 Tools for the struggle to eliminate health disparities
Prior to reading this article, it might be of interest to you to know that the founders of Quality Interactions were instrumental in the development of the NQF disparity measures and the releasement of the cultural competency measures.
4/20/2012 Disparities Report Highlights Health Care Challenges For Racial and Ethnic Minorities
4/2012 Professional Language Interpretation and Inpatient Length of Stay and Readmission Rates
5/2011 Collecting and using race, ethnicity and language data in ambulatory settings: A white paper with recommendations from the Commission to End Health Care Disparities
5/2011 Accountable Care Organizations and Health Care Disparities
5/2011 How Can Physicians Close the Disparity Gap?
5/2/2011 Highmark Inc. Is First Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan to Receive NCQA Distinction in Multicultural Health Care
4/28/2011 Wanted: Fewer science nerds, more 'culturally competent' doctors
4/2011 Lost in Translation: Interpreters Can Tackle Health Disparities
1/26/2011 State Level Cultural Competency Legislation: Overview And Implications
12/5/2010 Critical care - Diversity Boston/
Text and video coverage includes comments from MGH physician Joseph Betancourt
11/2/2010 Respecting Muslim Patients' Needs - New York Times quotes MGH physician and MCCG co-founder Joseph Betancourt


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