What Distinguishes Quality Interactions® From Other Healthcare and Healthplan Professional Approaches?


  Teaches the ResCUE model for cross-cultural communication (Respect Diversity, Communicate Clearly, Understand Differences, and Engage the Individual), a framework that aims to improve interactions with diverse patient populations as well as colleagues and co-workers. The ResCUE model is centered on the idea that there are basic principles, tools and skills one can utilize to improve cross-cultural communication in the care of patients, and in the workplace. This is unlike other training methods that teach separate approaches, or focus specifically on cultural awareness or sensitivity.

  Utilizes the latest in problem-based learning educational theory, allowing the user to actively engage in multiple scenarios and real cases that are interactive, as well as instructive. This is unlike other training methods that are didactic or observational, where the user is not challenged or given the opportunity to "solve the problem."

  Uses e-learning technology, which is time-flexible and allows the user to move at their own pace−at a time that is convenient for them and provides personalized, real-time performance feedback. This is unlike other training methods that are time and resource intensive, require individuals to be pulled out of their daily jobs at set times to participate in workshops, and oftentimes necessitate outside expertise for group facilitation.

  Allows users to obtain a certificate and for organizations to track the utilization and performance of their staff. This is unlike other training methods that can be given to users without ever verifying whether they used the product, or how well they performed on it.

  Was created by nationally recognized experts with extensive experience providing, researching, and teaching cross-cultural care and communication. Together they have accrued over forty years of combined experience in cross-cultural care and education and have numerous peer-reviewed publications in the field. This is unlike other training programs conducted by individuals with limited experience, and no validation of their strategies by their peers.

  Responds directly to the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine Reports "Unequal Treatment" and "Crossing the Quality Chasm" by focusing on quality of care, disparities, patient-centeredness, equity, and the use of evidence-based practice guidelines (provided as links in the program). This is unlike other training methods that separate cross-cultural issues from communications and patient experience education, allowing cultural competence to be "marginalized."

  Provides a framework to provide quality care to all patients in an effective and time−efficient manner.This is unlike other training methods that teach extensive lists of patient "types" that are both stereotypic and impractical in the busy health care setting.

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